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By joining an Email Coupon Club, offered by many local businesses in your area, you can save money on the things you already buy, and from the businesses you already know and like.

There's no need to shop anywhere else. You can continue to do business with the same stores you currently shop at, except you can now SAVE MONEY by simply joining their Email Coupon Club.

It's easy! Just ask the businesses that you already shop at, if they offer an Email Coupon Club. If they do, simply ask them how you can join. If they don't already have an Email Coupon Club, simply contact us to let us know. We'll be happy to reach out to them and help them get started! is all about saving YOU money and making it easy for you to receive information (by E-mail) as soon as your favorite businesses have new coupons available!I love my Email Coupon Club .. where I find FREE Coupons from businesses I like!

It's easy to join!

  1. Simply ask any business that you typically frequent if you can join their FREE Email Coupon Club.
  2. If they offer our FREE Email Coupon Club service, they will provide you with a flier or business card. On the business card or flier, will be a web page address that you can visit and then easily sign up.

    If one or more of your favorite businesses do not offer our FREE Email Coupon Club, you can simply let us know and we'll contact them and help them to get started.

    Plus, if any business you refer to us joins our Email Coupon Club service, we'll send you a VERY SPECIAL GIFT as our way of saying thanks!
  3. We provide a 100% Email Protection Policy to insure your information will never be given out to anyone!
  4. After entering your name and email address, you'll immediately receive an initial "Extra Special Discount Offer" just for joining.
  5. Thereafter, approximately once a month, you'll receive an email as new coupons are ready and available for you to download, print and save, from the Email Coupon Clubs that you select to join! (You may join one or more. It's completely FREE!)

If you have any questions, simply look through our Frequently Asked Questions. But, if you have a question that we haven't included as of yet, please email us and ask. We'll be happy to answer you back as quickly as possible, typically in just a few minutes.

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